Medical Research

This surgery and the doctors here are members of a Consortium of Research General Practices in North Staffordshire.

We work in partnership with the Primary Care NIHR Clinical Research Network at Keele to carry out important research. Our research is funded by public bodies and charities (MRC, ARC and The Welcome Trust).

Research is an important part of healthcare. It is used to learn more about certain illnesses and to identify the most effective way of treating patients.

Please contact reception who can provide you with a  leaflet called ‘Health Research Things YOU need to consider’.

The Research Projects biddulphdoctors are currently participating in are;



Biddulph Doctors has teamed up with researchers at Keele University School of Medicine to help study the longer term effects of COVID-19 infection in children and young people (aged 8-17 years). You don’t have to have had covid to take part. We will send a text to all children and young people who might be eligible, in the near future. Please check your details are up to date and watch out for it! The study will involve answering online questionnaires every 3 months for 1 year. Some children may be invited to take part in interviews, but this is not essential.

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please contact the SPLaT-19 Research Team at Keele Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) on 01782 732950 or [email protected].

Touchpoints Project

This is a pilot project funded by NHS England to test different ways of asking members of the public to sign up to the NIHR ‘Be Part of Research’ Registry. To encourage members of the public to sign up they are testing the use of ‘touchpoints’ in healthcare settings as a way to invite individuals to sign up to the registry e.g., GP Check in Screens/leaflets/poster in practice). To find out more and sign up please see;


This cluster randomised controlled trial, will investigate whether providing a practice pharmacist-led pain review (PROMPPT review) for patients prescribed long-term opioids for persistent pain reduces opioid use (daily morphine equivalent dose) without making pain or pain- related interference worse. If you are eligible for this study the surgery will be in contact with you.