Damp and Mould-Free Properties Campaign

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Have you seen wet patches, tide marks or black spots on the walls in your councilowned home?
This is a sign of damp and mould!
Report it online at www.stoke.gov.uk/dmc or call 01782 234100 – option 2

We’re supporting Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s D.A.M.P campaign to ensure all residents can live in dry, safe and warm homes.
Here are some things you can do to you help keep your home dry and mould-free:
1) Keep the door closed and a window open when cooking or bathing
2) Keep lids on saucepans when cooking
3) Buy a disposable humidifier
4) Where appropriate, dry clothes outside
5) Ensure your tumble dryer is in a well ventilated room
6) Open a window for 10-20 minutes a day
7) Keep trickle vents open
8) Keep a gap between furniture and external walls